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Technological Capabilities

A New Era in Workforce Management

Technological Capabilities

A New Era in Workforce Management

Visibility & Collaboration

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  • Long term demand and capacity balancing
  • Opportunity analysis and shift planning
  • Skills planning
  • Seasonal transfer, relocation and hiring decisions
  • Balancing employee contracts
  • Control compliance and fairness issue
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District Manager

  • Track performance by store (Utilization, Service Level, Overtime, Time & Attendance, Absence Ratio, Compliance and Fairness)
  • View store managers work schedule in your area
  • Make employee short-term transfer decisions within territory
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Store Manager

  • Flexible and dynamic rule management
  • Evaluate business objectives (reducing costs, maximizing service)
  • Respond to disruptions like demand change or unexpected absenteeism
  • Overtime optimization
  • Manage employee shift swap and leave request inquiries
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  • View work schedule
  • Inform manager about shift preferences
  • Request time off
  • Submit availability
  • Shift trade / swap


What you can see is what you can govern!


What you can see is what you can govern!


Responding to disruptions without over or understaffing problems

Real Time Decision Making

Scheduling that ensures the continuity of your service

Human Resources

Administrative and labor law challenges


Rules, regulations, company policies of all the countries you operate in


Rarely receive good and fair work schedules

Employee Engagement

Motivated employees own your business!

Core Functions


  • We effectively define planning logic based on your company’s unique business processes and practices, and automatically generate plans and schedules that synchronize and optimize your operations.
  • With ICRON, your planners will be always be prepared and capable of coping with disruptions like demand change or unexpected absenteeism.

Time & Attendance

  • Measure working time and absences and make this information available to payroll and other HR systems.

Task Management

  • Management and prioritization of tasks to provide optimal service level and employee experience.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Facilitate insight into metrics related to labor forecasting and optimization, employee wellness and productivity, as well as compliance and fairness.


  • Without the need for code writing or extensive programming, ICRON Platform can be easily integrated with most major databases like HRIS, T&A, Payroll, Sales Forecast.

WFM Processes

Workforce Capacity Planning (6 -12 Months)

Rostering / Scheduling (1 - 4 Weeks)

Real Time Task Assignment

  • Align with company strategy, evaluate the impact of future activities
  • Forecast demand and determine staffing need at each location
  • Plan future staffing needs, reduce unnecessary labor costs and increase service levels
  • Capture and consider seasonal trends, holidays, special events from historical data.
  • Compare multiple what if scenarios
  • Make relocation, temporary work and hiring decisions
  • Define shift rules and overtime policies
  • Identify peak and off peak periods
  • Calculate staffing need to meet demand
  • Generate automated shift schedules
  • Create territory, location, team and individual based rosters
  • Consider employee preferences
  • Assess the impact of additional shift or allowing overtime
  • Manage different contract types (full time, part time)
  • Reduce scheduling time and manual changes
  • Be %100 compliant with law, regulations and company rules
  • Ensure fairness
  • Assign, sequence and re optimize tasks
  • Consider resource constraints such as skills, location, equipment
  • Evaluate impact of every change and make decisions based on real time data

Employee Engagement & Collaboration

  • Use technology for better employee experience
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Stay connected with your employees
Smart. Dynamic. Flexible.
Smart. Dynamic. Flexible.
Platform Capabilities illustration

Platform Capabilities

  • Distributed Architecture (Scalability)
  • In-memory Computing
  • No-code development (Robustness)

Cloud - SaaS

  • Information Security
  • Domain/Active Directory
  • %99.9 up-time
  • Always up-to-date
Cloud - SaaS illustration
State Of Art Decision Intelligence Technologies illustration

State Of Art Decision Intelligence Technologies

  • Optimization
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Advanced Analytics

Integration Of Any System

  • HRIS System, T&A, Payroll, Demand, etc.
  • Using Standard APIs
Integration Of Any System illustration
State Of Art Web & Mobile Technologies illustration

State Of Art Web & Mobile Technologies

  • Cross-platform
  • Accessibility

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